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Free Advertising, Great Stuff

Free advertising is the number one thing to focus on before even considering paid ads. We all fall victim to the "buy these visitors for cheap.." then you purchase them and find out it was 100% JUNK! Yes I am one of them... I wasted tons of money looking for some magic program or system, honestly it does not exist! So stop looking! I have found that using free ad forums or free ad boards are an excellent way to get your website seen and it is seen by TARGETED Visitors not random people clicking in and then out like those junky paid services.

Leaps of faith

Have faith in things that are free. Just because it is free does not mean dismiss it as junk.. I have spent more money on junk. So just because you pay for something does not make it worth the money you spent for it. I am using free ad boards and forums to post my ads...With success!! These are available to you 100% FREE! So why do we spend countless dollars placing ads on networks that have tons of click fraud? Start using free services!


Ahh...Yes...Back link building is essential to a up and coming business or website that needs eyes to view! When you post your ads in forums and ad boards you are getting a back link to your website! Forums are indexed quickly, due to new content daily and lots of visitors!

Just because its free does not mean it is junk.. Look a little closer it may be useful. :)

5 Best Tips For Writing Better Articles For SEO

1. First thing we must understand while writing articles is that it may fall under two different categories, one is writing for search engines and other is writing for your visitors. So which one is better? I would say your article should have a bit of both, you must make sure you are not flooding down your keyword your are focusing on a particular article so that it chases your visitors away frustrated and also its not good from SEO point of view either, So just write great contents that gets the readers interested with the right blend of keywords.

2. Right focus on your keywords is essential when you write your articles, you cannot write an article that does not even have a single instance of the keyword you are focusing on and expect it to rank high.

3. Shedding more light on keyword density, just make sure that you are not over using the keywords in your articles and make the whole article look senseless for the readers, you must maintain your keyword density to such a level that your article makes sense to your readers and also does not look like you are spamming your articles for search engines.

4. Expressing what you really want to express is a must, just do not compromise your goal for the sake of search rankings.

5. Link to other similar articles in your blog whenever possible which you think that might help your readers, this will not only increase your internal links but also help people to stay on your blog for longer period which will eventually reduce your bounce rate.

For more tips on SEO and blogging related tips to get better rankings in search engines check Blog SEO
SEO Your Blog

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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Pay per lead program free

Pay per lead is a program where you will get paid when there was a register at a site through refferal link you provided for the register. The pay is decent, which is $ 0.80 sampe $ 65 per lead. Minimum payment is $ 100 through Paypal, wew ..
What should you promote the sites about payday loan and insurance. Sure target Americans aja, hehe .. But still, write as many wrote about the insurance on your English language blog for the average American in nyari information about the insurance (why deh yah .. gatau ....)
Excuse me infonya less complete, but the reply to the list, please click on this banner

Free Debit Card from limitlessone

In the last post I talked about not paypal?
well this time, I will discuss about how to verify for free
using a debit card we will get for free ...
The way to get a Master Card debit card for FREE veryfied or
Apart from verification paypal debit card Payoneer Master Card, name
LimitlessONE ™ Access Rewards Card. LimitlessONE ™ Many benefits of
there only rewards program, this program is not a MLM program but a
building community programs, the more communities we shape through the refferal program also rewards the more we will get, these rewards will be deposited into our debit card once a month.

Here are the steps how to get a debit card / Master Card credit free Limitlessone.

Click on this link: Limitlessone.

Then select affiliate> sign up

Select your country areas continue to click Proceed With Sign Up.

After Registration Form appears, Content ID No. 7870015088 on the column. (Note: No ID should be required in order to Sign Up, and it has my id, hehehe)

Fill yourself data in accordance with the ID card or driver's license.
To fill yourself data must comply with the existing data on the ID Card
or driver's license clearly, so that later on MasterCard debit cards Limitlessone.
sent does not stray / scattered.

After you finish all the instructions above, approximately 3 weeks
(journey from England to Indonesia in the post) you have a debit card to
Your home, after a debit card is up to you.

immediately do the activation, in a letter also included instructions, follow the instructions in the letter imaginable to initiate activation.
If you have followed the above steps correctly, then you've succeeded and I say "Congratulations you have managed to get a debit card or debit card from LimitlessONE ™".

note: Debit Card may be up to your home within approximately
20-30 days


All about paypal

Currently, many of which make the Internet as a means to increase revenue. Many programs on the Internet that we betul2 pay, either through Liberty reserve, Check, or Paypal. What I want to talk this time about Paypal.

What is PayPal?

Paypal is a third-party portal that serves as a financial institution that manages online (do not ya dizzy language:). As well as conventional banks, with paypal we can save money in an electronic account. We also can send and receive money through paypal.

What's the difference with Conventional Banks?

Difference? not much different actually. If the Bank Conventional our Bank Account has No. A unique account, while at PayPal Account No email address is replaced with a valid Primary. (Why is called Kang Primary email?) Yes, because he later we can add up to 7 email addresses. In other words, you can receive the money transferred to your paypal account using one of those 7 email addresses. Primary Email Login useful for process, Notifications and everything associated with your PayPal administration.

Why use PayPal?

PayPal is currently used in over 190 countries, and has become Preferred payment method on ebay, amazon, fast & cheap, etc.. With paypal you can make online payments at millions of merchants, without entering credit card numbers / our direct debit, and thus more secure. You also can send and receive money online and realtime throughout the world, 24 hours, 7 days a week. For those of you who want to start a business online, I suggest you MUST have a PayPal.

How much does it cost to create a Paypal?

FREE. Therefore you can register to have a paypal account. To direct the list of Paypal Please CLICK HERE.

True there is no cost at all?

For certain types of accounts there is a transaction fee. Aja cuman quiet, very small cost kok, well is rational enough for a international banking services. Kalo is not one of only about 0.3% (CMIIW). I guarantee you will not feel harmed.

Certain account types? Meaning?

Yes, because there are 3 types of available accounts in PayPal. Personal, Premium and Business. All three as well. Please adjust to your needs.

I lay ya, what difference does it make it? Which should I choose?

Personal, is the type of account that most of them devoted to the love to shop online. Very secure, because it does not have to enter credit card numbers directly vulnerable to the dijahati Carder.

Premium, intended for those of you who like to shop online and receive the money (read: paid program on the Internet, or from other paypal users). If you are new on the Paypal and you want to start a business online, this type of account is right for you. And I highly recommend you choose this one.

Business, As the name implies, of course. This type is intended for those who already run their online business well and settled. Although not ruled out a new you join, simply select this type. Many business-oriented features which will be useful for you. For those of you who hesitate to choose between premium and the type of business, do not worry .. you can upgrade kok, from premium to business, as well as from the personal to the premium. Without time, no additional cost.

Kang, klo like money in Paypal I've a lot of ya, how do I ngambilnya?

At PayPal, the term for doing this is called Withdraw. We can withdraw our money in paypal in three ways:

1. Withdraw into credit cards / debit that we register as an Account Verfikasi
2. Withdraw to Bank USA (If you already have an account U.S. Bank)
3. Withdraw to a Local Bank in Indonesia. To do this, you must register your Local Bank Account to Paypal, and your PayPal account must be Verified.

The third was a new sebenernya could some time ago you know, so fortunately for those of you who want to open a paypal account sekarang2. You just pull your money in paypal to Bank Local. This transfer process takes between 2-5 business days. It also depends Bank.

Oh, must Verified yes, he said to make a Verified PayPal account, we must have a credit card / debit ya?

Having a credit card / debit card will be better, but not a necessity. We have many services VCC (Virtual Credit Card) which still can make your PayPal account verified. Please search on Google with key words "Cheap VCC", or refer to my next posting wrote the title "Free Debit Card"

Well, .. I've had a credit card / debit ?, but your credit cards so I declined the same paypal, How ?

As far as I was some time ago. Paypal is only accepting credit cards from a particular issuing bank in Indonesia. But I understand now PayPal has received almost all of VISA and MasterCard issued by Bank Indonesia. If still denied also try to contact your card issuer bank. Your bank may deliberately block your credit card from online transactions to prevent unwanted hal2.

Well ... it's obvious?
Wait What else?? Come on the list, click below
-----------. . . . . .
paypal sign up here

Get Dollars From The Survey

Getting Additional Revenue from the Internet with the Easy

$ 47.75 to 95.5 per month, even up to hundreds of dollars

Want to know how I get $ 47.47 per month (or even more) than Aclarn Inc?

Quite simple way, I only spend 3-10 minutes of your time per day without survey capital. Want to know how? This is the secret:

1. Taking time 3-5 minutes for 3 days following the online survey

2. Looking for a friend of many and send email invitations to do the same thing (sebanyak-banyaknya.. The more the better)

Yupe, I only do 2 things alone in my spare time, no capital money. All it requires is time, internet connection (if you can find a free, but if you do not find it that cheap Internet cafe), friends (read: a list of email) that a lot and CONFIDENCE.

Ok talk about FAITH, I will convince you that what I am doing this has proven true.

The name of this program is to AW Surveys. This program is made by Aclarn Inc. ( When will this program is I do not really know (it does not matter anyway ...).

Anyone who has followed A.W. Surveys?

Anyone who says that AW Surveys is a scam, aka SCAM? Many .. try to check on and typing AW Surveys a scam. You'll find dozens of articles about AW survey average to say that AW Surveys is a scam. On Youtube you can also find a way of hacking AW Surveys to withdraw money from AW Surveys before the time allowed.

Then why did I make this article?

Because until now I still believe that this program is not a scam. Whatever the purpose of a clear Aclarn they still pay me and appreciate the work (rather than hard work but casual work) I. So before you continue reading this article, please specify your choice take hold or stop here.

If so, why do people say that AW Surveys is a scam?

1. Because they felt that the survey only a few and they are not making money again after the survey was not there.

2. Because they want to get money quickly in a way that is not allowed, or violate the rules. And when they break the rules, they were disappointed that AW Surveys refused to pay them.

So for that, first understand the rules or TOS (Term of Service) from AW Surveys:

1. One person can only make 1 account only

2. One computer to register should not be used by more than 1 person

3. One person should not sign up again using the referer code itself.

Thus, if you do the ways as above, then you will automatically dibanned (on-black list) and your payment will be rejected. You call it cheating, or did FRADULENT.

Therefore tips from me:

1. Do not bring a friend / relative you to register or click on AW Surveys surveys in a cybercafe or office the same location (usually one warnetnya same IP). Better to register in another cafe.

2. Do not invite friends to sign up your office or click AW Surveys surveys using the same computer. Better to use a different computer. Why? Because if you do the above you are considered to register again with a different account.

Other tips are: account (your account and your referral account) must be active for 45 days. If not then your earnings will be reduced by the value of that referral.

Now with a very simple rule that you must agree that this program makes sense right? Ok, if so please register by following these steps yes:

How to apply:

1. Open the registration page AW Surveys or click image below

2. Once open click on Create A Free Account.

3. Fill out all requested data. Use your current email. Fill in all the data with the truth. Remember your password for easy log in later.

How to login:

Make sure you've signed up. Klo yet please click this picture

Go to homepage A.W. Surveys in AW Surveys
3. Click Login

4. Then fill with your username and password. Then click Login

How to Follow the Survey:

1. Make sure you are logged on the way

2. After logging in, will open the home page. Here you will find

Recent News (containing the latest information)
The Following Surveys are Available (containing the survey are available)
My A.W. Survey Stats (containing your income statistics)
Redeem Money (how to withdraw your earnings)
3. To follow the survey consider the "The Following Surveys are Available"

4. If the "The Following Surveys are Available" no survey is the survey will appear directly below. For example like this:

5. Click on the survey, right in writing that lies below the "The Following Surveys are Available"

6. Would appear to confirm the stated price of the survey and time needed.

7. Click the "Start Survey Now", will soon open a new page. Examples:

8. Notice in the example above means that there are 2 surveys.

9. Ok, now click the Click Here for Website 1

10. Will open a new website. This website will give you the value and impact. If the image appears like this, do not worry, wait a moment until the website is fully open.

11. Look at the website during a specified time and close the page after an order to close. (You do not need to do anything but just look at it. Remember you do not need to register or login on the new page)

12. After you close the new page then you will return to the home page.

13. Write down your impressions of the website was exactly in the white box type in the English language (not necessarily a good English .. impression you would not be judged). Sample image:

This web-so attractive

-I surprise with this website

-The information from this website is useful

-I like this website and will visit it always

14. Continue with other surveys (site 2) to complete.

15. When you finish writing the impression, click Click Here to Submit BOTH Reviews.

16. Wait for the process after it would appear that the display shows that you already paid for this survey.

17. Survey process is complete, loginlah as often as possible so that each can you finish the survey.

What to do if the survey is over?

This is the time to earn more. Why? For the income you have from AW Surveys is:

Bonus sign up = $ 6
Join survey = $ 1 - $ 25 per survey
Invite friends = $ 1.25 per person
Based on my experience, the largest survey is $ 4. So with reference (invite a friend to you) then your income will grow faster.

How to Invite Friends?

Very easy way

1. Collect email list friends / relatives, even people you do not know though. Example of the mailing list. You can also invite your friends myspace, facebook, or through the forum kaskus and other means.

2. Send an email invitation as below.

3. Send as many and as often as possible. Remember not everyone you invite will be interested to join. So invite as many people as possible.

4. Do not forget to include your referral link. Referral link you can get one at the start page after login and click the Refer Your Friend.


Click Refer your friend and you will get your ID:

Sample letter of invitation:

Hello friends,

My name is ....

I have a job opportunity for additional income. It works pretty odd 3-5 minutes per day. No need every day, well when you wrote seluangnya. While you're at the cafe or in the office you can work on the pretext here. Kok easy way, you just have follow-up survey. At the time of survey, you are asked to write down your impression of a website / portal / blog. The impression you must be in English but in English to cool. Just improvise and as much as you .. and sure deh impression that you write will not be judged grammarnya. Well then every 1 impression of you to say you'll be paid $ 1 to $ 4. Gede lho!! Yet for every site you just write one line only.

Here I give examples of the impression that you can write:

This web so attractive

I surprise with this website

The information from this website is useful

I like this website and will visit it always

.... easy right?

The more and more often you go the more surveys you income. Another paid no more: By the time the list you can instantly bonus of $ 6, good is not it?

Well, you will also have to invite your friends to participate in this survey and of course all your friends that you will be able to register an additional bonus of $ 1.25 per person. All the income you can take after reaching $ 75. Payment through PayPal (an online payment technology). Wah dapat duit hari gini $ 75 only with the internet playing opportunities try doang ... where else can ngasi segini easy money? So what are you waiting lists now ya soon. List of course (LHO FREE!) And the content of your curriculum vitae, and later for registration payments via Paypal her the money later reply was a lot and can directly transfer BCA and bank accounts in Indonesia. If there is not clear friends can ask me directly to this email ya. You can not wait right? Let soon register now before the opportunity is taken to others:

To register FREE NOW how

5. Click on the writing of this AW Surveys.

6. Click the Create a Free Account that is on the right browser. If not there then you were wrong copy paste, repeat it.

7. Fill in all data with complete yes and do not forget your email address. After that, follow the instructions to begin follow-up survey. Now every survey you complete part, the money straight in and you can see the direct dollar.

Soon deh prove that you can also work online!!

only with a list get in here (include your referral link)

Forwardkan to friends and family also let us both rich!!

"My biggest income is from referrals, not from the survey. So consider the survey was just warming up.:) "

How Spending Income?

After earning you reach $ 75, then it was time to withdraw your money. Since this is the international transactions so you need to have the paypal account. From paypal will be disbursed to the bank of Indonesia. How relatively easy and very secure transaction, many of Indonesia's people who use this method. Although paypal is a method of international transactions, but there was Indonesian in the menu, so you more easily use it.

How to Sign Up Paypal

Immediately register your email in paypal, sending money to get from AW surveys you must have a verified Paypal / already have a credit card.

But do not worry, if you do not have a credit card, you can get a free debit card, debit card untu free you can see in my previous posting, or click here.
There are other costs?

There are 2 kinds of costs. $ 25 is the cost of the fee charged by the AW Survey and the $ 2.25 charged by paypal. Nevertheless, we still benefit you? Without the slightest capital. If you are diligent $ 47.75 a month then certainly in the hands.

Finally, rather than chat and browsing useless, better use your time for something worthwhile.
Let's list here claim

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Survey dapat dollar

Mendapatkan Penghasilan Tambahan dari Internet dengan Cara Mudah

$ 47,75 – 95,5 per bulan, bahkan hingga ratusan dollar

Mau tahu bagaimana saya mendapatkan $ 47,47 per bulan (atau bahkan lebih ) dari Aclarn Inc?

Caranya cukup simpel, saya hanya meluangkan waktu 3-10 menit saja per harinya tanpa modal serupiahpun . Mau tahu caranya? Ini rahasianya:

1. Meluangkan waktu 3-5 menit 3 hari sekali untuk mengikuti survey online

2. Mencari teman sebanyak-banyak dan mengirimkan email ajakan untuk melakukan hal yang sama (sebanyak-banyaknya..semakin banyak semakin baik)

Yupe, saya hanya melakukan 2 hal itu saja di waktu senggang saya, tanpa modal uang. Yang diperlukan hanya waktu, koneksi internet (kalau bisa cari yang gratisan, tapi kalau tidak cari saja warnet yang murah), teman (baca:daftar email) yang banyak serta KEYAKINAN.

Ok bicara tentang KEYAKINAN, saya akan meyakinkan anda bahwa apa yang saya lakukan ini sudah terbukti benar adanya .

Nama program ini adalah AW Surveys. Program ini dibuat oleh Aclarn Inc ( Kapan program ini ada saya tidak begitu mengetahuinya(toh tidak penting kan…).

Siapa saja yang sudah mengikuti A.W. Surveys?

Siapa saja yang mengatakan bahwa AW Surveys adalah SCAM alias penipuan? Banyak.. coba cek di lalu ketikan AW Surveys scam. Kamu akan menemukan puluhan artikel tentang AW survey yang rata-rata mengatakan bahwa AW Surveys adalah scam. Di Youtube juga kamu bisa menemukan cara hacking AW Surveys untuk mencairkan uang dari AW Surveys sebelum waktu yang diperbolehkan.

Lalu mengapa saya membuat artikel ini?

Sebab sampai saat ini saya masih yakin bahwa program ini bukan scam. Apapun tujuan dari Aclarn yang jelas mereka masih membayar saya dan menghargai hasil kerja (bukan kerja keras tapi kerja santai) saya. Jadi sebelum melanjutkan membaca artikel ini silahkan tentukan pilihan anda ikut terus atau stop sampai di sini.

Kalau begitu, mengapa orang mengatakan bahwa AW Survey adalah SCAM?

1. Sebab mereka merasa bahwa surveynya hanya sedikit dan mereka tidak mendapatkan penghasilan lagi setelah surveynya tidak ada.

2. Sebab mereka ingin mendapatkan uang dengan cepat dengan cara yang tidak diperbolehkan atau melanggar peraturan. Dan ketika mereka melanggar peraturan, mereka kecewa karena AW Surveys menolak membayar mereka.

Nah untuk itu, pahamilah dulu peraturan atau TOS (Term of Service) dari AW Surveys:

1. Satu orang hanya boleh membuat 1 akun saja

2. Satu komputer untuk mendaftar tidak boleh digunakan oleh lebih dari 1 orang

3. Satu orang tidak boleh mendaftar lagi dengan menggunakan kode referalnya sendiri.

Dengan demikian, jika anda melakukan cara-cara seperti di atas, maka otomatis anda akan dibanned (di-black list) dan pembayaran anda akan ditolak. Istilahnya anda sudah melakukan kecurangan atau FRADULENT.

Oleh karena itu tips dari saya :

1. Jangan mengajak teman/saudara anda untuk mendaftar AW Surveys atau mengklik survey di warnet atau lokasi kantor yang sama(biasanya satu warnetnya IP-nya sama). Lebih baik mendaftar di warnet lain.

2. Jangan mengajak teman kantor anda untuk mendaftar AW Surveys atau mengklik survey menggunakan komputer yang sama. Lebih baik gunakan komputer yang berbeda. Mengapa demikian? Karena jika melakukan cara di atas anda dianggap mendaftar lagi dengan akun yang berbeda.

Tips lainnya adalah: akun (akun anda dan akun referal anda) harus aktif selama 45 hari. Jika tidak maka penghasilan anda akan dikurangi sebesar nilai referal itu.

Nah dengan peraturan yang sangat sederhana itu tentunya kamu setuju bahwa program ini masuk akal kan? Ok, jika demikian silahkan mendaftar dengan mengikuti langkah-langkah ini ya:

Cara mendaftar:

1. Buka halaman pendaftaran AW Surveys atau klik gambar dibawah ini

2. Setelah terbuka klik Create A Free Account.

3. Isi semua data yang diminta. Gunakan email kamu yang aktif. Isi semua data dengan sebenar-benarnya. Ingatlah password kamu untuk memudahkan login nantinya.

Cara login:

Pastikan kamu sudah mendaftar. Klo belum silahkan klik gambar ini

Buka homepage A.W. Surveys di AW Surveys
3. Klik Login

4. Lalu isi dengan username dan password kamu. Kemudian klik Login

Cara Mengikuti Survey:

1. Pastikan kamu sudah login dengan cara di atas

2. Setelah login, akan terbuka halaman awal. Di sini kamu akan menemukan

Recent News (berisi informasi-informasi terbaru)
The Following Surveys are Available (berisi survey yang tersedia)
My A.W. Survey Stats (berisi data statistik penghasilan kamu)
Redeem Money (cara untuk mencairkan penghasilan kamu)
3. Untuk mengikuti survey perhatikan “The Following Surveys are Available”

4. Jika pada “The Following Surveys are Available” ada survey maka survey akan terlihat tepat di bawahnya. Contohnya seperti ini:

5. Klik survey tersebut, tepat di tulisan yang terletak di bawah “The Following Surveys are Available”

6. Akan tampil konfirmasi yang menyatakan harga survey serta waktu yang diperlukan.

7. Klik “Start Survey Now”, akan segera terbuka halaman baru. Contohnya:

8. Perhatikan pada contoh di atas berarti ada 2 survey.

9. Ok, sekarang klik Click Here for Website 1

10. Akan terbuka satu website baru. Website ini yang akan kamu nilai dan berikan kesan. Jika muncul gambar seperti ini, jangan khawatir, tunggulah beberapa saat sampai website terbuka penuh.

11. Lihatlah website tersebut selama waktu yang ditentukan dan tutuplah halaman tersebut setelah ada perintah untuk menutup. (Kamu tidak perlu melakukan apa-apa selain hanya melihat saja. Ingat kamu tidak perlu mendaftar atau login di halaman baru ini)

12. Setelah kamu menutup halaman baru maka kamu akan kembali ke halaman awal.

13. Tulislah kesan kamu terhadap website itu tepatnya di kotak putih Tulis dalam bahasa Inggris (tidak perlu Inggris yang bagus..kesan kamu sama sekali tidak akan dinilai). Contoh kesan:

-This web so attractive

-I surprise with this website

-The information from this web is useful

-I like this web and will visit it always

14. Lanjutkan dengan survey lain (website 2) hingga selesai.

15. Setelah selesai menulis kesan, klik Click Here to Submit BOTH Reviews.

16. Tunggu prosesnya setelah itu akan muncul tampilan yang menunjukan bahwa kamu sudah dibayar untuk survey ini.

17. Proses survey selesai, loginlah sesering mungkin agar setiap survey dapat kamu selesaikan.

Apa yang harus dilakukan jika survey sudah habis?

Inilah saatnya untuk memperoleh penghasilan lebih besar lagi. Mengapa? Sebab penghasilan yang kamu peroleh dari AW Surveys adalah:

Bonus mendaftar = $ 6
Ikut survey = $ 1- $25 per survey
Mengajak teman = $ 1,25 per orang
Berdasarkan pengalaman saya, survey terbesar adalah sebesar $ 4. Jadi dengan mereferensikan (mengajak teman kamu) maka penghasilan kamu akan lebih cepat berkembang.

Bagaimana Mengajak Teman?

Caranya sangat gampang

1. Kumpulkan daftar email teman/saudara, bahkan orang yang tidak kamu kenal sekalipun. Misalnya dari milis. Kamu bisa juga mengajak teman friendster kamu, facebook atau lewat forum kaskus dan cara lain.

2. Kirim email ajakan seperti di bawah ini.

3. Kirim sebanyak-banyaknya dan sesering mungkin. Ingatlah tidak semua orang yang kamu undang akan tertarik untuk join. Jadi ajaklah sebanyak mungkin orang.

4. Jangan lupa untuk menyertakan link referal kamu. Link referal bisa kamu dapatkan di halaman awal setelah login lalu klik Refer Your Friend.


Klik Refer your Friend dan kamu akan mendapatkan ID kamu:

Contoh surat ajakan:

Halo teman,

Nama saya ….

Aku ada peluang kerja untuk mendapatkan penghasilan tambahan. Kerjanya sambilan cukup 3-5 menit per hari. Tidak perlu tiap hari, yah seluangnya waktu kamu aja. Selagi kamu di warnet atau di kantor kamu bisa sambilan kerja di sini. Caranya gampang kok, kamu cuma ikutan survey saja. Pada waktu survey, kamu diminta menuliskan kesan kamu terhadap suatu situs / portal/ blog. Kesan kamu harus dalam bahasa Inggris tapi perlu dalam bahasa Inggris yang keren. Seadanya saja dan sebisa kamu..dan yakin deh kesan yang kamu tuliskan tidak akan dinilai grammarnya. Nah nanti setiap 1 kesan yang kamu sampaikan kamu akan dibayar 1 $ sampai dengan 4$. Gede lho !! Padahal untuk setiap website kamu cukup menuliskan sebaris kalimat saja.

Nih saya beri contoh kesan yang bisa kamu tuliskan:

This web so attractive

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Semakin banyak dan semakin sering kamu ikut survey semakin banyak penghasilan kamu. Bayaran lain ada lagi: Pada saat daftar kamu langsung dapat bonus sebesar 6 $, enak kan?

Nah, nantinya kamu juga harus mengajak teman kamu untuk ikut serta dalam survey ini dan tentu saja setiap teman kamu yang mendaftar kamu akan dapat bonus tambahan sebesar 1,25 $ per orang. Semua penghasilan kamu ini bisa diambil setelah mencapai 75 $. Pembayarannya lewat PayPal (suatu teknologi pembayaran online). Wah hari gini dapat duit 75 $ hanya dengan main-main internet doang…coba peluang mana lagi yang bisa ngasi duit segini gampangnya?? Nah tunggu apa lagi segera daftar sekarang ya. Daftar saja (GRATIS LHO !!) dan isi biodata kamu, dan nanti untuk pendaftaran pembayaran via Paypal-nya nanti saja kalo uangnya sudah banyak dan bisa langsung transfer BCA dan rekening bank di Indonesia. Kalau ada yang gak jelas teman-teman boleh tanya langsung ke email saya ini ya. Kamu sudah gak sabar kan? Yuk lekas daftar sekarang sebelum kesempatan diambil orang lain:

Untuk mendaftar GRATIS SEKARANG caranya

5. Klik di tulisan AW Surveys ini.

6. Klik Create a Free Account yang ada di sebelah kanan browser. Kalau gak ada berarti kamu tadi salah copy paste, ulangi lagi ya.

7. Isi semua data dengan lengkap ya dan jangan lupa alamat email kamu. Setelah itu ikuti petunjuk selanjutnya untuk mulai ikutan survey. Nah setiap kamu selesai ikut survey, uangnya langsung masuk dan kamu bisa lihat langsung dollarnya.

Segera buktikan deh bahwa kamu juga bisa kerja online !!

hanya dengan daftar segera di sini (sertakan link referal kamu)

Forwardkan ke teman-teman dan keluargamu juga biar kita sama-sama kaya !!

“Penghasilan terbesar saya adalah dari referal, bukan dari survey. Jadi anggaplah survey hanyalah pemanasan saja.:)”

Bagaimana Cara Mencairkan Penghasilan?

Setelah penghasilan kamu mencapai $ 75, maka tibalah saatnya untuk mencairkan uang kamu. Karena ini adalah transaksi international maka kamu diharuskan mempunyai akun di paypal. Dari paypal nantinya bisa dicairkan ke bank Indonesia. Caranya relatif mudah dan transaksi ini sangat aman, banyak sudah orang Indonesia yang menggunakan cara ini. Walaupun paypal adalah metoda transaksi international, namun ada bahasa Indonesia di menunya, jadi kamu lebih mudah menggunakannya.

Cara Mendaftar Paypal

Segera daftarkan email kamu di paypal, untuk mendapatkan pengiriman uang dari AW surveys kamu harus memiliki Paypal yang terverifikasi / sudah memiliki kartu kredit.

Namun jangan kuatir, jika tidak punya kartu kredit, kamu bisa mendapatkan debit card gratis,untu debit card gratis bisa anda lihat di postingan saya sebelumnya,atau klik di sini.
Ada Biaya Lain?

Ada 2 macam biaya. $ 25 adalah biaya fee yang dikenakan oleh AW Survey dan $ 2,25 yang dikenakan oleh paypal. Walaupun demikian, kita tetap untung kan? Tanpa modal sedikitpun. Jika kamu rajin maka $ 47,75 sebulan sudah pasti di tangan.

Akhir kata, daripada chating dan browsing tak berguna, lebih baik gunakan waktumu untuk hal yang berharga.
Ayo daftar, klim disini

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Elektronik gratis dari Xpango

xpango, sebuah perusahaan yang konon katanya memberikan handphone dan perangkat elektronik lain secara gratis . dengan registrasi anda akan mendapat ID ref member dan anda di suruh untuk menyebarkan ID dan mengajak temen teman anda bergabung menggunakan ref ID anda. namun timbul pro dan kontra apakah ini merupakan site pembohongan atau memang riil benar benar adanya.. maka di bawah ini ada sebuah artikel yang saya angkap paling menguatkan tentang keterangan benar tidak nya layanan yang di tawarkan oleh


Keanehan Kredit di xpango?

saat saya membaca artikel tentang, sayapun tertarik karena kita bisa mendapatkan gadget gratis seperti yang di promosikan, tetapi setelah saya mencoba saya sangat kecewa, saat saya selesai registrasi dan mendapatkan referral id, sayapun mengajak teman saya untuk bergabung / join di dengan menggunakan referral id saya, tapi kredit atw poin saya tidak bertambah satupun, teman teman sayapun kecewa dengan saya, apakah ada yang bisa membantu saya cara mendapatkan kredit atw poin di xpango atau xpango memang benar melakukan penipuan atau kebohongan.


Anda salah…

Coba anda baca baik² syarat dan ketentuannya.. kredit di Xpango akan bertambah apabila:

- Anda membeli salah satu barang di Xpango, jika anda belum membeli barang di Xpango mau milyaran orang anda ajak KREDIT ANDA TIDAK AKAN BERTAMBAH 1 pun. Ini dinamakan proses AKTIVASI.

- Orang yang anda ajak juga harus membeli barang di XPango untuk aktivasi ID-nya. Jika ID belum diaktivasi, kredit anda dan kreditnya TIDAK AKAN BERTAMBAH.
- Kredit anda juga akan bertambah jika anda membeli produk Xpango, kredit yang didapat besarnya berdasarkan katalog yang ada di halaman pembelian Xpango

Gw bisa katakan Xpango TIDAK MENIPU, Xpango adalah BENAR ADANYA.. karena saudara gw sendiri sudah mendapat i-Phone dari Xpango, tentunya dengan mengikuti syarat dan ketentuan yang telah gw sebutkan di atas.

Bagaimana cara kerjanya

Pelajari bagaimana Anda bebas untuk mendapatkan hadiah

Setiap Gadget Gratis untuk diterima dalam pertukaran untuk Kredit yang dapat diterima dari Xpango.

Bila Anda mendaftar ke Xpango dan memilih Gratis Gift, Anda akan menerima ‘ID Arahan’ yang digunakan untuk mendapatkan Kredit.

Kredit dapat dengan mudah bisa diperoleh dengan baik (atau kombinasi) berpartisipasi dalam Xpango Penawaran, Merujuk Friends, atau dengan membeli Paket Clix.

Hadiah untuk persyaratan kredit bervariasi tergantung pada harga eceran Mobile Phone / Game Console/MP3 Player / HDTV. Hadiah memerlukan lebih mahal dibandingkan kurang lebih Penghargaan Hadiah mahal. Skema di bawah ini rincian bagaimana sistem bekerja:

Email Teman

Membiarkan Anda teman tahu

Butuh Kredit? Tidak Masalah! Gunakan Baru Xpango Email Teman Layanan!

Cukup melengkapi formulir di bawah ini singkat dan mengirim email ke teman, keluarga dan kolega ke Laba Kredit!

Bila email diklik, secara otomatis akan langsung pengunjung untuk, dengan ID yang Anda Arahan log oleh Xpango.

Harap Catatan – Anda akan menerima kredit untuk setiap orang yang anda lihat register dan mengaktifkan account mereka. Account dapat diaktifkan dengan menyelesaikan Gratis Penawaran, atau membeli produk.

Nokia N96

Dapatkan Gratis di Xpango Gift

Dapatkan Nokia N96 Gratis dari Xpango!

Ruangan untuk melihat, fitur dikemas dan pintar, Nokia N96 merupakan ponsel multimedia dengan video berkualitas tinggi dan pemutar musik, kamera 5,0 megapiksel dan memori 16GB

Menonton video dan mendengarkan musik pada Nokia N96 adalah fantastis. The picture on the supersize 2.8” screen is bright and clear, and the sound from the built-in 3D stereo speakers is superb. Gambar pada supersize 2,8 “layar terang dan jelas, dan suara dari built-in stereo speaker 3D yang hebat. There’s even a clever little kickstand on the back of the N96 so you can sit back and enjoy the show. Bahkan ada yang cerdas sedikit kickstand pada bagian belakang dari N96 sehingga Anda dapat duduk dan menikmati kembali muncul

Dengan besar memori internal 16GB, Nokia N96 dapat menyimpan sebuah gunung dari musik, video, gambar dan peta. And if 16GB isn’t enough, you can increase this to 24GB using the N96’s memory card slot. 16GB dan jika tidak cukup, Anda dapat meningkatkan 24GB ini untuk menggunakan N96 slot kartu memori.

Bila Anda menggunakan Nokia N96 untuk mengambil foto, gambar kualitas yang berbeda di liga – terima kasih kepada para kamera 5,0 megapiksel dan Carl Zeiss optik. The Nokia N96 also has a geotagging feature that lets you record where you’ve taken a shot so you can share the details with friends online. Nokia N96 juga memiliki fitur geotagging yang memungkinkan Anda merekam dimana anda telah diambil bidikan sehingga Anda dapat berbagi rincian dengan teman-line

Dengan super cepat 3.5G koneksi ke internet, Nokia N96 adalah besar untuk download. It also comes with Nokia Maps, plus the option to upgrade to a GPS navigation system that directs you on foot and in the car. Ia juga datang dengan Nokia Maps, ditambah pilihan untuk meng-upgrade ke sistem navigasi GPS yang mengarahkan Anda pada kaki dan di dalam mobil

Nokia Maps membawa dunia ke N96. See maps for over 150 countries and search for addresses, points of interest, or landmarks around the globe. Lihat peta untuk lebih dari 150 negara dan mencari alamat, tempat tujuan, atau tengara di seluruh dunia. Go deeper and find addresses, phone numbers and other details for available destinations, and let the N96 plan your journey from A to B. Buka lebih mendalam dan menemukan alamat, nomor telepon dan rincian lainnya yang tersedia untuk tujuan, dan membiarkan N96 rencana perjalanan dari A ke B
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